Learning From Legends


Learning From Legends

Our horses range in age from 8 to 30 years old, and geriatric care is a major component of our work. Through the Learning from Legends program, we partner with research organisations to contribute important information that will improve the equine care across the industry. 

One of our current research projects is with the University of Melbourne. We are providing blood samples and horse histories for endocrine studies, with the aim of improving the diagnosis and management of conditions such as Cushing’s Disease.

In the future, we hope to offer training programs, such as dental care, as our horses represent a strong cross section of cases. Workshops such as these would provide important hands on experience for students, as well as tend to the dental needs of the horses.

Currently we invite veterinary students who have completed placements with us to return when our equine dental specialist is on site so they can continue their learning.

Any project we are involved in must be minimally invasive for the horses.

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COVID NOTICE: 22/11/2021

We are happy to announce that previous restrictions in regards to access to Woodlands Homestead and numbers of participants on tours have now been lifted!

All visitors over 16 years of age must be must be double vaccinated against COVID-19 with proof of vaccination or a medical certificate of exemption.

Tables in the homestead, on the homestead verandas and in the gardens are now available to enjoy Annie’s scones and other treats.

We will continue to serve takeaway from the homestead window.