Horse Health

Horse Health

Living Legends is proud to present comprehensive information on many aspects of Horse Health Care, especially for older horses. Here we answer your frequently asked questions, plus provide valuable advice on a wide range of horse health topics. Please visit this section regularly for advice and updates on current issues, plus results of our research.

Horse Health Information and Equine Care

When you begin to care for the health of a horse, there’s so much to learn that it may seem impossible to learn it all. From the daily care of hooves to maintaining your horse’s teeth, joints and internal health, you are responsible for a lot of animal! Keeping your horse healthy involves choosing the right feed, watching out for colic and other digestive problems, paying attention to foot and leg issues, riding with the proper tack, correct grooming, regular vaccinations and deworming, and a hundred other details.

Like humans, horses are affected by weather, need to be housed and fed properly, and may experience sprains, strains and soreness of the back and legs. Illness or pain affect not only the way they move but the way they feel, so that a healthy horse will tend to be happier than one who isn’t feeling up to snuff. Some illnesses or injuries appear first as changes in mood; your normally jolly or equable equine may become moody, surly or unwilling when there’s something physically wrong that hasn’t yet appeared as lameness, sickness or other injury.

Horse Health Research

Living Legends funds non-invasive, scientific research that will advance our knowledge of horse health, disease and veterinary treatment, which has the potential to impact positively on the wider horse population. We develop tailored information on subjects related to horse welfare, which results in improved knowledge and better practical skills.