Birdwatching At Woodlands Historic Park

Birdlife at Woodlands Historic Park

Rainbow Lorikeets at Living Legends

Rainbow Lorikeets at Living Legends.
Photo by Andrew Haysom.

Woodlands Historic Park is a popular spot for Birding, Birdwatching, and Twitching. As one frequent bird watcher and photographer visitor puts it…

Woodlands is a wonderful place. In difficult times, this place is my “antidote”. A stroll around here with my camera makes me forget the troubles of the world.

Male Superb Fairy-wren at Woodlands

Male Superb Fairy-wren in breeding plumage at Woodlands Historic Park.
Photo by Andrew Haysom.

Typical common birds seen at Woodlands Historic Park include: Whistling Kite; Sulphur-crested Cockatoo; Crimson Rosella; Eastern Rosella; Red-rumped Parrot; Superb Fairy-wren; Weebill; Yellow Thornbill; Yellow-rumped Thornbill; Spotted Pardalote; Striated Pardalote; White-plumed Honeyeater; Red Wattlebird; Brown-headed Honeyeater; Varied Sittella; Grey Shrike-thrush; Australian Magpie; Grey Fantail; Willie Wagtail; Little Raven; Red-capped Robin; Flame Robin; Silvereye; Welcome Swallow; Tree Martin; Common Starling; Red-browed Finch.

Brown Falcon at Woodlands Historic Park

Brown Falcon at Woodlands Historic Park.
Photo by Andrew Haysom.

Other possible birds to be found at Woodlands include: Australian Wood Duck; Pacific Black Duck; Spotted Dove; Crested Pigeon; Brown Goshawk; Little Eagle; Brown Falcon; Masked Lapwing; Galah; Purple-crowned Lorikeet; Horsfield’s Bronze-Cuckoo; Shining Bronze-Cuckoo; Fan-tailed Cuckoo; Laughing Kookaburra; Striated Thornbill; Brown Thornbill; Noisy Miner; Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike; Crested Shrike-tit; Golden Whistler; Rufous Whistler; Magpie-lark; Scarlet Robin; Common Blackbird; Common Myna; Mistletoebird; House Sparrow; European Goldfinch.

Photo slideshow of Woodlands Historic Park featuring the birdlife.
Photos by Andrew Haysom.


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